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Best Things to Do in Bratislava

Coming to Bratislava? Find the best tips from our local team where to go, what to see and do. The most iconic buildings, museums, galleries, city views and tips for trips.

Tourism business as usual? Marketing dilemma during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has paralysed life in Europe and tourism is apparently one of the most severely hit industries. How tour providers and other players in the travel business should respond?

How to get to Bratislava

Travelling to Bratislava? Find out how to get here by a car, bicycle, bus, train, boat or a plane. All you need to know about travelling to Bratislava.

Slovak National Uprising in our live memory

Uprising. Does that ring a bell? Most young Slovaks will probably think about the popular reggae festival which takes place in Bratislava. It is not a coincidence that the festival starts near the date of the anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, one of the most important events in the Slovak history.

Healing waters: rise and fall of the Korytnica spa

Behind the scenes of aquaparks and waterworlds, there are spas that successfully managed the privatization process during the 1990’s. Some spas, however, did not have this luck. Korytnica is one of the bleakest examples. 

Building Brighter Tomorrows: the Buildings of the Youth in Slovakia

Exploring the communist history of former Czechoslovakia, you should not miss legendary Buildings of the Youth. Young people between 1947 and 1957 were involved in communal brigades, where they were supposed to prove their enthusiasm in creation of a new equal society. Where to find them?

Building new identities: communist-era landmarks of Bratislava

Welcome to the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. The city of contrasts where each generation of its inhabitants left a very distinct mark defining this city today. Lets take a look at some of the most amazing landmarks connected to the communist era, 1948 - 1989.

Bratislava goes post-industrial

Have you ever heard of Manchester in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire? – Probably not, because Manchester is and always has been in England. However, this nickname was sometimes used to describe Bratislava by the late 19th and early 20th century because of its rapidly booming industry.

Communist-era housing estates: heritage in revival

Young American backpackers are walking through a decayed socialist housing estate neighbourhood, horrified by a barking dog with a human hand in its mouth and a lady pouring dirty water out of the fourth floor.

Pressburg, Pozsony or Post-communism: what is Bratislava?

Let’s be honest for a while, take a short walk through the streets of the Slovak capital and keep your eyes and ears open, what can you see? What can you hear? How does your perception confront with what you expected? Did you expect anything?

Exploring regional stereotypes in Slovakia

Bratislava as an employment hub for the rest of Slovakia. Simple-minded people living in Záhorie region as a source of sarcastic jokes. Hardworking catholics in the harsh-climate northern Orava region. Hungarians in the south conspiring about regional autonomy while enjoying spicy goulash.

Explore interiors of socialist housing

Authentic local from Petržalka district, photographer Martin Kleibl, took a closer look to the interiors of his neighbours. Petržalka is the largest socialist housing district in Slovakia, located south of Bratislava city centre across the Danube river.

Artworks of Slovak landscapes online

You don’t have to be a gallery freak to enjoy some of the finest artworks depicting Slovak landscapes since 19th century until today. No need of leaving your comfy seat in front of the computer actually – a few clicks are just enough!

Spooky! Abandoned metro station in Petržalka

This is really spooky! “Concreted hole for a big monster. Water, dirt, darkness and a perfect echo. Enter only in fishing trousers, gumboots and with a torch. Ideal spot for shooting rap videoclips.”

Retro 8-seater joining Authentic Slovakia fleet

Retro cars fleet of Authentic Slovakia is getting bigger. To satisfy the needs and desires of growing number of our clients, we are happy to invite a legendary Czechoslovak 8-seater, produced in Trnava (Slovakia) in 1992.

Amazed by ruins of a hospital

Searching for the most scary abandoned places in Bratislava, we visited the largest ruin in the city – Rázsochy hospital. Massive project to build all-fit-in hospital has existed since 1980’s, launching the construction in 1987.