Tours in Bratislava

Why to visit Bratislava with us?

Our private tours in Bratislava go beyond the ordinary under the skin of local urbanism, architecture and social life. Bratislava is the city where we were born and have lived our lives since. It is an exciting city, if you take a look under the cover. We love its hidden corners and prefer going off-the-beaten-track. If you also feel like leaving the tourist crowds in the Old town, our tours in Bratislava allow you to explore off-the-beaten-track locations facing its post-communist past. Bratislava is a thriving city in transformation. Former multicultural Preßburg/ Pozsony/ Prešporok has become "Bratislava" in 1919, experiencing unprecedented growth during communism in Czechoslovakia and open to capitalism today.

Bratislava, Danube and the SNP Bridge, source: Bratislava Tourist Board

Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Tour by a private modern or a legendary 1970-1980’s Czechoslovak car Škoda through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past as well as recent transformations in Bratislava. WWII memorials, abandoned factories, Iron Curtain and loads of Soviet-era architecture.

2 hours, from 29€ per person

Bratislava Identity Bike Tour 

Insightful cycling journey with our local guide to understand the essentials of history and genius loci of the Slovak capital. Ride across two iconic bridges, enjoy city views, explore communist-era Petržalka disrict and post-industrial developments.

2 hours, from 29€ per person

Devín Castle Tour

Visit the legendary Devín Castle ruin near Bratislava. Explore the former Iron Curtain border zone with Austria with remnants of the barbed wire and a WWII bunker. Extend the tour by hike to the Cold war military base or local wine tasting.

2,5 hours, from 35€ per person

Castle and Iron Curtain?

 Village Pub Crawl

Tired of the city rush but still longing for a drink? Visit authentic Slovak village and try pub crawl as never before. We visit distinctive region Záhorie, north-west of Bratislava. Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!

4-5 hours, from 39€ per person

Feeling thirsty?

Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour

Slovakia is a country with unexpectedly high density of castles and castle ruins, hidden in the forests of the Carpathian mountains. We offer the best selection of the ruins you can see during one-day trip from Bratislava.

6 hours, from 39€ per person

Back to the past

Carpathian Wine Tour

Wine tasting at local producer in Little Carpathian wine region combined with a walk into the vineyards above the town of Svätý Jur. 3-hour tour that takes you away from Bratislava into the real countryside by private car.

3 hours, from 75€ per person

Working Class Food Tour

Look beyond the Old Town tourist zone: walk with us around the communist-era landmarks of Bratislava and taste workers' cuisine in retro spots with locals. Food tour for those who search for gastronomy with a difference.

3-4 hours, from 39€ per person

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