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Village Pub Tour

You drink, we drive!

Village Pub Tour: Drinking Like a Slovak

Tired of the city rush but still longing for a drink? Enough of ordinary city pub crawls? Join this unbeatable experience and get under the skin of authentic Slovaks. Visit authentic Slovak village and try pub tour as never before. You drink, we drive!

Why to go on Village Pub Tour

Get deeper into the Slovak soul, talk and listen about it. Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. We visit distinctive region Záhorie, north-west of Bratislava. One drink in every village per person and a traditional pub snack is included.

Difficulty: Easy – you should manage to drink four beers (or other drinks), right? Please note that pubs visited on this tour are authentic – sometimes can be smoked, sometime sleepy, sometimes noisy, sometimes football or card atmosphere can prevail. We take it as it comes – this is to see real life in local villages.

Time and duration

Starting time: according to agreement
Duration: 4-5 hours

Meeting point

Namestie SNP or according to your preference


Transportation, guide, 4 drinks (beer etc.) and 1 authentic pub snack


“A guided tour by Authentic Slovakia in a clapped-out Cold War Skoda – “the crappiest vehicle in Slovakia” – is one idiosyncratic way to see some of Bratislava’s twentieth-century landmarks.”

Tour Highlights

You drink, we drive!

Dive into melancholy of Slovak pubs, try playing pool with locals if you are brave enough. And we drive you around. 🙂

4 village pubs

Visiting 4 villages in Záhorie region. Mingling with locals in Zohor, Stupava, Lozorno or similar.

100% Off the Beaten Path

Please note: If you are up to wild partying in large groups, disco-like atmosphere and meeting other travellers, consider city pub crawls provided by other companies. On this tour, we focus on diving into authentic local atmosphere of Slovak village pubs.


slovakia authentic pub

1 guest / 165€

2 guests / 90€ per person

3-4 guests / 70€ per person

5 guests / 60€ per person

6 guests / 55€ per person

7-8 guests / 50€ per person

from 50€

per person

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Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!