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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Basic Provisions

  1. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the parties to the contractual relationship are:

(a) the Company:

Authentic Slovakia s. r. o.,

ICO: 45624968

DIC: 2023064362

VAT: SK2023064362

with registered office at Drotárska cesta 9, Bratislava – Staré Mesto 811 02

registered in the Commercial Register, District Court Bratislava I in sec. 66065/B


hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”

  1. b) the Customer, a natural or legal person who has concluded a contract/order with the Provider verbally, by web online order form, by e-mail order or by telephone for the delivery of services, 

hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”.

  1. The provisions of the terms and conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract. Deviating

arrangement in the purchase contract shall prevail over the provisions of these terms and conditions.

  1. These terms and conditions and the contract of sale shall be concluded in Slovak or English.


Information on services and prices

  1. Information on services, including the price of each service and its main characteristics, shall be as follows provided on the pages of the online shop or proposed to the buyer on the basis of his requirements. The prices are inclusive of all related charges and cancellation costs if the service by its nature cannot be cancelled by the usual means. Prices for services remain valid for the period of time they are displayed on the Seller’s website. This provision does not preclude the negotiation of a purchase contract on individually agreed terms.
  2. All presentations of the Seller’s services are for information purposes only and the Seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract in respect of the service.
  3. Any discounts on the purchase price cannot be combined with each other, unless agreed by the Seller with the buyer otherwise.


Order and conclusion of the purchase contract

  1. Costs incurred by the buyer when using means of distance communication in connection with the conclusion of the purchase contract (internet connection costs, telephone call costs) shall be borne by the the buyer himself. These costs do not differ from the basic rate.
  1. The Buyer primarily orders services by filling in the online booking form on the Seller’s website –
  2. The Buyer shall provide the Seller with the personal data necessary for the purposes of concluding the contractual relationship for the necessary period, and in particular the following: name, surname, address, telephone/mobile contact, email. 
  3. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Seller will send the Buyer a confirmation of its receipt to the email address provided by the Buyer at the time of ordering. The purchase contract is concluded only after the Seller has received the order. Notification of receipt of the order is sent to the Buyer’s email address.
  4. In the event that any of the requirements specified in the order cannot be fulfilled by the Seller, the Seller shall send the Buyer to his email address a modified offer. The amended offer shall be deemed to be a new proposal of the purchase contract and the purchase contract is concluded in such a case by the buyer’s acknowledgement of receiptof this offer to the Seller at his email address specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  5. All orders accepted by the Seller are binding. The Buyer may cancel an order until the Buyer has received notification of the Seller’s acceptance of the order. The Buyer may cancel by calling the Seller’s telephone number or by sending an electronic message to Seller, both as set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  6. In the event of an apparent technical error on the part of the Seller in quoting the price of the Service on the Seller’s website or during the ordering process, the Seller shall not be obliged to deliver to the Buyer the service at that clearly erroneous price, even if the Buyer has been sent an automatic acknowledgement of receipt of the order pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. The Seller informs the Buyer of the error without undue delay and shall send the Buyer to the Buyer’s email address the amended offer. The amended offer shall be deemed to be a new draft purchase contract and the purchase contract shall be concluded in such case by confirmation of receipt by the Buyer to the Seller’s email address.


Payment terms and delivery of services

  1. The price of the service and any costs associated with the delivery of the service under the Purchase Contract may be paid by the Buyer in the following ways:
  2. a) by wire transfer to the Seller’s bank account defined in the booking confirmation,
  3. b) by credit card through the payment gateway on the Seller’s website
  4. c) in cash upon personal collection
  1. The maturity of the purchase price or the deposit is individually agreed between the buyer and the seller.
  2. In the case of non-cash payment, the Buyer’s obligation to pay the purchase price is fulfilled at the moment of when the relevant amount is credited to the Seller’s bank account.
  3. The Seller shall issue and send the tax document to the Buyer’s email address, or send it to the address indicated by the Buyer or hand it over in printed form.


Withdrawal from the contract

  1. A buyer who has concluded a contract of sale outside his business activity as a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale without giving any reason.

The confirmed order/agreement/contract is binding for the customer. If the customer withdraws from a binding order/agreement/contract or cancels the order/agreement/contract before it is completed, the Seller is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees:

  1. a) For groups larger than 10 persons

0-48 hours before the tour: 100% of the amount

48 hours -7 days before the tour: 50% of the amount

7-30 days before the tour: 25% of the amount

more than 30 days before the tour: 10% amount

  1. b) For individuals and groups of up to 10 persons

0-24 hours before the tour: 100% of the amount

24-72 hours before the tour: 30% of the amount

  1. In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, the buyer must send a statement of withdrawal in

the withdrawal period.

  1. To withdraw from the purchase contract, the buyer can use the sample withdrawal form provided by the Seller. The buyer shall send the withdrawal from the contract of sale to the email or delivery address of the Seller specified in these Terms and Conditions. The Seller shall confirm the Buyer’s receipt of the form without delay.
  1. If the Buyer withdraws from the Contract, the Seller shall return to the Buyer without delay, but no later than 14 days from withdrawal, all monies, including delivery costs, received from him in the same manner. The Seller shall only reimburse the Buyer in any other way if the Buyer agrees to this and if no further costs are incurred by the Seller.
  2. The Seller shall be entitled to withdraw from the Purchase Contract on the grounds of failure to provide the subject matter of the service by the supplier or for failure to pay the order within the due date. The Seller shall immediately notify the buyer via the email address specified in the order and return the order within 14 days of the notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract all monies, including the cost of delivery received from him under the contract, in the same manner or, where applicable as specified by the buyer.


Delivery terms

  1. According to the concluded contract or accepted order, the Provider shall deliver the services to the Customer for the terms and conditions specified in the following provisions of this article of the GTC.
  2. The Provider shall deliver the services at the place and time specified in the contract or order. A tax document shall be drawn up for the delivery of the services.
  3. In the event that the provider is unable to provide the services within the time specified in the contract due to reasons of force majeure, the time for delivery of the services shall be extended proportionately by the duration of the force majeure, or there may be other changes to the services provided. Force majeure shall be deemed to be unforeseeable, or foreseeable but not controllable, affecting the delivery of the services e.g.: strikes, actions by public authorities, natural elements and disasters, technical obstacles . In principle, the provider is obliged, as far as possible, to notify the customer of these facts together with together with notification of at least the approximate possible time of delivery of the services. If, as a result of force majeure becomes impossible, the provider’s obligation to deliver the services to the customer shall be extinguished.
  4. If the provider is unable to provide the customer with the ordered services within the agreed time, the time of the ordered services shall be changed in agreement with the customer.
  5. In the event that the provider is unable, for reasons other than those set out above, to provide the services ordered, an alternative programme shall be prepared in agreement with the customer. In case, the customer cancels the order for this reason and has paid the provider a deposit or the amount for the tour, this amount will be fully refunded.



  1. The parties may deliver all written correspondence to each other by electronic mail.
  2. The Buyer shall deliver correspondence to the Seller at the email address specified in these Terms and Conditions. The Seller shall deliver correspondence to the Buyer at the email address specified in the Buyer’s customer account or order.

VIII. Privacy Policy

By providing personal data, the Buyer grants the Seller unconditional and express consent to process and store the personal data provided when filling in the online order form as well as other documents prepared by the Seller. By completing the submitted form, the customer agrees to be included in the customer register. The data collected will be used exclusively for marketing purposes and streamlining services. The Seller will accept the withdrawal of this consent at any time according to the needs of the Buyer at the contact details provided. The Seller undertakes to work, archive and dispose of the data in accordance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic as well as in accordance with the binding regulation of the European Union under the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. In case the buyer is not interested in receiving newsletters, it is enough if he sends the following text. “I do not wish to be informed about Authentic Bratislava news” to e-mail:


Final provisions

  1. All arrangements between the seller and the buyer are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic. If the relationship established by the contract of sale contains an international element, the parties agree that the relationship shall be governed by the law of the Slovak Republic. This is without prejudice to the consumer’s rights arising from generally binding legal regulations.
  2. All rights to the Seller’s website, in particular copyright to the content, including page layout, photos, films, graphics, trademarks, logos and other content and elements, belong to the Seller. It is prohibited to copy, modify or otherwise use the website or part thereof without the Seller’s permission.
  3. The Seller shall not be liable for any defects resulting from third party interference with the online shop or as a result of its use contrary to its intended use. The Buyer may notusing the online shop in a way that could have a negative impact on his operation and may not carry out any activity that could enable him or third parties to tamper with or make unauthorised use of the software or other components forming the online shop and to use the online shop or parts thereof or the software equipment in such a way as to in a manner contrary to its intended use or purpose.
  4. The Purchase Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions, is archived by the Seller in electronic form and is not publicly accessible.
  5. The wording of the terms and conditions may be amended or supplemented by the Seller. This provision is without prejudice to rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the terms and conditions.