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About us

Who Stands behind Authentic Slovakia

Our Team

Authentic Slovakia team is small, but enthusiastic. Almost of all of us were born and grown up in Bratislava – and we love this city with all its ups and downs.  All of us are excited to reveal you our city with passion and no censorship. Local insights guaranteed!

Brano Tour Guide Authentic Slovakia



Always inspired by changes of the society, watching reality passing-by, confronting himself with his stereotypes, interested in human geography, is excited to reveal you what Slovak officials prefer to hide.

Peter Tour Guide Bratislava



Born in Bratislava in 1982, Lenin-like guide in Bratislava, “castlephile”. Openminded guy with passion for travelling, photography and exploring other cultures will help you to drag you into our Slovak (dis)culture.


Tour Guide

Coming from a bilingual family he is happy to share his insight about the city’s multicultural past. In his free time he enjoys backpacking in former Soviet states – just like on his selfie from Gagauzia.

Janci Tour Guide Sightseeing Bratislava


Tour Guide

He was not born in Bratislava, but despite that fact, he is the big enthusiast of this city. Thanks to his passion about classic Skoda cars, you’ll get some of funny features of these cars on tours with him. 

Lukas Tour Guide Driver Bratislava
Juro Local Guide Bratislava


Tour Guide

Born in Bratislava, in 1987. A graduate economist, an adventurer at heart. Unless he is discovering the endless, diverse spaces of the former Soviet Union or wild Mongolia, he likes to roam deep forests around Bratislava. 

Erich Local Guide Slovakia


Tour Guide

Erich represents the true socialist generation. He was born in 1975 as a „president Husák´s child”, was formed by socialist primary school system. 


Tour Guide

Born 1986 – Chernobyl dude – always shining ? Big fan of history and passionate geographer. He loves exploring mountains, observing cultural changes, industrial heritage sites and hidden gems of Slovakia. 

Marek Tour Guide Bratislava


Tour Guide

Robert was born in Bratislava during mid-80’s and he loves mountains, hiking and is passionate about cycling. As a graduate in geography he sees the city from different angles and can share his knowledge with you.

Robo Bena Guide Authentic Slovakia

Our mission

Authentic Slovakia goes beyond the traditional understanding of a travel agency. We provide personalised, alternative sightseeing tours in Bratislava with loads of authentic stories and local knowledge.

Go completely authentic and see Slovakia uncensored. Our guides are ready to reveal you contemporary Slovakia and share their views on life in Slovak society.  Alternative tours departing from Bratislava, individual approach in small groups and loads of experience.

What we stand for

Bratislava behind the scenes

To show you authentic Bratislava and social life in Slovakia without any censorship. Out of the tourist zone to the ourskirts

Mingling with locals, with us

To diminish distance between a guide and a guest / we become your hosts, your friends. Sharing our experiences of our lives in Slovakia

Brighter urban tomorrows!

To create a pressure to the city officials for more sustainable development of Bratislava

Made in Czechoslovakia

To save endangered species of 1970’s and 1980’s Czechoslovak Skoda cars on the roads

Behind our scenes

Bratislava is a post-communist city in transformation. It is not a typical European metropolis with cosmpolitan feel. This is not a love at first sight. Though its small historical Old Town is picturesque and cosy, to understand Bratislava in its full you need some time.

So, what is the identity of the Slovakian capital? To be honest, it has not been so „Slovakian“ ever since. City’s unique location on the border with Austria and Hungary caused its multicultural character, which was brutally lost after the World War II.

Communist approach to the development together with the consequences of the war resulted in unprecedented change in urbanism and social life in Bratislava. This is something that is not mentioned, or is even censored in the official marketing speech. And this is something Authentic Slovakia team thrives to bring into public and tourist discourse.

Confronting everyday in Bratislava for us means to enjoy its local cultural scene, people we know for years and meet on the streets, Danube river and Carpathian forests right in the town. But not only that. It means also to perceive its post-socialist character, presented in unregulated development, neglected public spaces and individualism.

Sharing our stories, our relation to Bratislava, our identity to be Slovak, all that motivates us to provide an uncensored view upon life in Slovakia. Through guiding, we also self-realise in urban and social topics. We wish to move Bratislava to become more open-minded, tolerant destination with more regulated and more fair development.

Because Bratislava is more than Partyslava. Our tours take you beyond the ordinary.

Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Urban adventure by car (Czechoslovak 1970-1990’s Škoda or modern or van), off the beaten track and 20th century history

Bratislava Identity Bike Tour

Cycling tour and journey in time – Old Town, communist-era district and modern developments.

Devín Castle Tour

The most scenic castle ruin in Bratislava and Iron Curtain border zone.

Working Class Food Tour

Walk with us beyond the tourist zone and taste workers’ cuisine in retro spots with locals

Legends and Countryside Tour

Day trip from Bratislava to explore Slovak countryside and history.

Carpathian Wine Tour

Wine tasting in the vineyards and wineries of Little Carpathians near Bratislava.

Castle Ruins Tour

Walk through forests up to medieval castle ruins of Little Carpathians.

Village Pub Tour

Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!