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Devín Castle Tour

Majestic Ruin above the Danube and Borders

Devín Castle Tour: Back to the Past

Visit the legendary Devín Castle ruin near Bratislava. Explore the former Iron Curtain border zone with Austria with remnants of the barbed wire and a WWII bunker. Extend the tour by the hike to the sand rock (View Hike, +2 hours), abandoned Cold War military base (Army Base Hike, +4 hours), or local Wine Tasting (+2 hours).

Why to visit Devín castle and its surroundings

Devín is a picturesque place located 10 kilometers west of Bratislava city centre. Devín castle ruin proudly standing above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers is the site being a witness of history since thousands years ago. Devín has a tradition of making (not only currant) wine, steppe-like ecosystems with natural sand rocks, abandoned military base hidden in the Carpathian forests – all this creates a must-do destination during your stay in Bratislava.

Time and duration

Starting time: at 10am or according to agreement
Duration: 2,5 hours

Meeting point

Namestie SNP or according to your preference


Transportation by car, English-speaking guide, entrance fee to the Devín Castle, soft drink


“A guided tour by Authentic Slovakia in a clapped-out Cold War Skoda – “the crappiest vehicle in Slovakia” – is one idiosyncratic way to see some of Bratislava’s twentieth-century landmarks.”

Tour Highlights

Time Journey Through Centuries

Uncover Slovak identity and history through exploring medieval castle ruin that remembers Celts, Romans, Hungarian Kingdom, Slovak nationalism and more

Iron Curtain

Visit the former Iron Curtain zone between Czechoslovakia and Austria during the Cold War 

Off the beaten path experience with a local guide

Go beyond the tourist zone of Bratislava with our local guide. You have time to explore and ask questions.

1970-1990's ŠKODA CAR

Skoda 110 and Skoda Favorit in Bratislava

1 guest / 160€

2 guests / 180€

3 guests / 195€

from 65€

per person



1 guest / 140€

2 guests / 160€

3 guests / 180€

from 60€

per person



4 guests / 240€

5 guests / 260€

6 guests / 280€

7 guests / 300€

8 guests / 320€

from 40€

per person


Need more? Prolong the 2-hour Devín Castle Tour according to your preferences by one or more of the extensions. Enjoy hike with splendid views to the sand rock or even to the abandoned Cold War military base. Taste Slovak wines in an authentic wine cellar with a local producer. Prices by min 2. participants.

View Hike

+2 hours / + 25€ per person

Hike up to the sand rock Sandberg with amazing views to Morava river, Devín Castle and Austrian villages. Relatively easy 5-kilometre walk on unpaved paths. Pure nature, off-the-beaten-track!

Wine Tasting

+1,5 hour / + 30€ per person

Taste Slovak wines in an authentic wine cellar made by two generations of local producers. Mr. Vlček makes traditional black and red currant wine, typical for Devín. His grandson Juro Cenký offers you his delicious white grape wines, typical for Little Carpathians.

Army Base Hike

+4 hours / + 40€ per person

Hike from Devín to the sand rock Sandberg, up to the abandoned Cold War-era Czechoslovak military base and back to Devín (ca 4 hours). Higher difficulty – 10 kilometres walking on unpaved paths with steeper parts. Home-made snack lunch provided!

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