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Private Tours of Slovakia

Departing from Bratislava with Local Guides

Why to choose our private tours of Slovakia?

Our private tours of Slovakia go beyond the ordinary under the skin of history, architecture and social life.

Carpathian Wine Tour

Wine Tasting in Vineards and Wineries

4 hours, from 55€ per person

Carpathian Wine Tour

Wine tasting in Little Carpathian wine region combined with a walk into the vineyards above the town of Svätý Jur. 4-hour tour that takes you away from Bratislava into the real countryside.

Castle Ruins Tour

Hike Back to the Past

6 hours, from 50€ per person

Castle Ruins Tour

Slovakia is a country with unexpectedly high density of castles and castle ruins, hidden in the forests of the Carpathian mountains. We offer the best selection of the ruins you can see during one-day trip from Bratislava.

Village Pub Tour

Drink with Locals in Villages

4 hours, from 50€ per person

Village Pub Tour

Tired of the city rush but still longing for a drink? Visit authentic Slovak village and try pub crawl as never before. We visit distinctive region Záhorie, north-west of Bratislava. Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!

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