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Our Cars

What Cars Do We Drive

Our Cars

Let us proudly present the vehicles of Authentic Slovakia Tours. These vehicles are being used during our Post-Communist Bratislava Tour (and can be used also for Devín Castle Tour) according to their technical conditions and availability. Of course we focus on authentic Czechoslovak brand Škoda. Our 1970’s – 1990’s models provide you all the comfort you could expect from (post-)socialist vehicle.

Skoda 110 Belasek Bratislava Slovakia

Škoda 110 L

Belášek, 1974

Belášek experienced several journeys to former Yugoslavia and communist Bulgaria since 1974. “L” stands for “luxurious” –  bigger engine (1,1 litre),  ashtrays at the back seats, classy black interiour. 

Skoda 100 Modrasek Bratislava Slovakia

Škoda 100

Modrášek, 1971

Our blue angel. Modrášek makes people smile. Its innocent colour and charming design are well combined with classy original artifical-black-leather interiour. Roof rack is ready to take your luggage.

Škoda Favorit

Partizán, 1993

The most modern and the most luxurious car in our fleet, born in 1993. Cosy interior, heating that works, functioning radio, seatbelts, possibility to open windows at the back seats – for those who ask for more!

Skoda Favorit Partizan Bratislava Slovakia

Volkswagen T4


This legend of German transport was our first vehicle. Green Volkswagen T4 minivan can comfortably carry 8 passengers and allows good views to the post-communist landmarks behind the windows.

VW T4 minivan Bratislava Slovakia

Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Urban adventure by car (Czechoslovak 1970-1990’s Škoda or modern or van), off the beaten track and 20th century history

Bratislava Identity Bike Tour

Cycling tour and journey in time – Old Town, communist-era district and modern developments.

Devín Castle Tour

The most scenic castle ruin in Bratislava and Iron Curtain border zone.

Working Class Food Tour

Walk with us beyond the tourist zone and taste workers’ cuisine in retro spots with locals

Legends and Countryside Tour

Day trip from Bratislava to explore Slovak countryside and history.

Carpathian Wine Tour

Wine tasting in the vineyards and wineries of Little Carpathians near Bratislava.

Castle Ruins Tour

Walk through forests up to medieval castle ruins of Little Carpathians.

Village Pub Tour

Four villages, four local pubs, at least four drinks. You drink, we drive!