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Go completely authentic and see Slovakia uncensored. Our guides are ready to reveal you contemporary Slovakia and share their views on life in Slovak society. Funky tours departing from Bratislava, individual approach in small groups and loads of experience.

Off-the-beaten-track Bratislava in vintage Škoda car
Unique pub crawl experience in the countryside. You drink, we drive!
Danube, border zone, bunkers and socialist housing area - on bike!
Sandstone, army headquarter, Devín castle and currant wine.
3 great 1-day hiking tours to Slovak mountains: into the wild!
Forgotten spaces of power, essentials for our imagination: Castle ruins tours.
Paddle down the river, watch birds and enjoy the silence!
Joyful minivan small-group tours exploring authentic Western off-the-beaten track locations of Slovakia.
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Post Socialist City Tour

Off-the-beaten-track tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak car Škoda 110 (or in a minivan) through (not only) socialist landmarks of Bratislava.


Village Pub Crawl

Visit authentic Slovak village and try pub crawl as never before. Get deeper into Slovak soul, talk and listen about it, and slowly get high. You drink, we drive!

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Iron Curtain Bike Tour

Explore iron curtain area, bunkers from 1930’s, abandoned factories, Petržalka – largest socialist housing project in Central Europe and bike along the Danube.

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Devín Hike and Drink

Pleasant hike near Bratislava with splendid views, sandstone, abandoned Cold war missile hangars, Devin castle and traditional currant wine tasting.

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Danube River Flow

Bratislava – Beauty, or ugly duckling on the Danube? Step on board of a canoe catamaran and explore the city from the river with a paddle in your hand.

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Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour

Forgotten spaces of power, essentials for our imagination. Proudly standing above Carpathian forests, silently waiting for your 1-day visit from Bratislava.

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Post Socialist Košice Tour

Retro tour in a legendary 1970’s Czechoslovak car Škoda 120 through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past in Košice, metropolis of the East

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Little Danube Canoe Tour

Paddling down the Little Danube river, watching birds and beavers, enjoying silence of the wilderness and cool beer included. Perfect refreshment for hot sunny day!

Slovakia Explorer: North tour

Slovakia Explorer North Tour

Bizarre rocks, communist industries, ideal socialist town and medieval town Trenčín. Authentic full day experience in north-western Slovakia.


Call or send text message:

+421 908 308 234 (Brano)
+421 915 705 392 (Peter)

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