Bratislava Communism Virtual Tour

Communist Bratislava Virtual Tour

Journey of the 20th century Czechoslovakia from the safety of your home

Hey authentic traveller! Welcome to our first virtual tour of the Soviet-era Bratislava. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic travelling is difficult, so we thought it would be a good idea to take you here at least virtually. Bratislava is a fascinating city with turbulent past of the 20th century and the location on the former Iron Curtain. Experience the streets of Bratislava and its (not only) communist-era landmarks from the safety of your home. This interactive experience brings you videos, images, interesting facts and quizzes. Are you ready?

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  • founders of Authentic Slovakia - Brano and Peter - spent weeks during the COVID-19 times to prepare this experience
  • for voluntary donation you will get 90 minutes of videos and tonnes of fun facts about the communist-era Bratislava and Czechoslovakia
  • interactive experience for you, your family and friends. Have fun with theme-related quizzes for you to guess and learn
  • this will be a pre-recorded tour: there is no live guide, but on the other hand you will receive life-time access to the experience and you can enjoy it anytime you wish
  • 10% discount to our real tours in Bratislava included

For voluntary donation, you will get life-time access to 8 chapters with videos:

  1. Czechoslovakia on Map of Europe, 11 minutes
  2. Czechoslovakia during WWII, 17 minutes
  3. Communist Leaders in Czechoslovakia, 7 minutes
  4. Architecture and Housing in Soviet-era Bratislava, 15 minutes
  5. Shopping and Products in Communist Bratislava, 17 minutes
  6. Iron Curtain in Bratislava, 10 minutes
  7. From Communism to Democracy, 8 minutes
  8. Bratislava in Capitalism, 5 minutes
Bratislava Communism Virtual Tour

Deal of the decade! For voluntary donation, receive 90 minutes of videos hand-made by Braňo and Peter, local guides in Bratislava. Insightful journey through the 20th century history is divided into 8 chapters, with a quiz at the end of each one.

Thank you in advance for your support. Enjoy the tour! 🙂

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