Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak car Škoda or crappy 8-seater van Škoda 1203 through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past as well as recent transformations in Bratislava.

Visit a vast concrete housing estate area, the Soviet monument Slavín, abandoned factories, 1930’s bunker line, the former Iron Curtain border zone and loads of communist architecture. Tour brings alive the story of Bratislava in the 20th century - political changes, town’s location on the border, contrasts between rich and poor, development of the society, architecture.

Please note that in some cases (winter conditions, car repairs etc.) we can not guarantee the retro car, but go with our funky green 1992 VW Caravelle or other post-socialist / capitalist car 🙂

Easily the most unique tour I have been on ever. You can only see so many churches, castles and palaces. Seeing the recent socialism past was a very different and eye-opening trip through Bratislava. This is what Bratislava is all about. Truly enjoyable and overwhelming.

Bratislava Post Socialist CIty Tour
“Fabulous tour!” Chris, TripAdvisor review

This was without doubt the best guided experience I have had to date. Juro did an fantastic job – both knowledgeable, enthusiastic and able tailor the experience to us. I give my highest recommendations to Authentic Slovakia.

Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
“Best guided experience to date” Rune, TripAdvisor review

It was a fascinating trip through this dystopian architects’ playground, and a really interesting look at how a small city like Bratislava has coped with the onslaught of communism and the effects of sudden urbanisation and centralized planning.

“Absolutelly brilliant!” Marcus, TripAdvisor review

Sites covered during the tour may vary a bit, but you will see most of these:

|     the first prefabricated apartment block in Czechoslovakia  as well as the largest socialist housing project in Europe, Petržalka

|     abandoned and destroyed industrial objects as symbols of post-industrial transformations, new capitalist developments

|     communist-era architecture (socialist realism, functionalism, brutalism)

|     political objects: Soviet memorial Slavín, diplomatic 1970’s hotel, 1980’s parliament, villas of former communist leaders

|     ride under the controversial ufo-like SNP bridge, causing destruction of the Jewish district

|     1930’s Czechoslovak fortification system, bunkers built against the potential Hitler’s invasion

|     former Iron Curtain area, border between communist Czechoslovakia and Austria


Post-Communist Bratislava Tour by Bus

Are you a bigger group? We are ready to find some solution and fit you into several cars - or we will be happy to take you for the tour by original retro bus, made in Czechoslovakia. Perfect 2-hour solution both for sightseeing and teambuildings. Click for more details.

Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
Skoda and Volkswagen cars in Bratislava, by Authentic Slovakia
Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour


Duration: 2 or 4 hours

Availability: all year round

Vintage 1970's Škoda car (2-3 participants) or minivan (4-7 participants) transport, guide, wafer and drink

Meeting point:
Namestie SNP (Square) or your accommodation/station

Time: according to agreement

Price per person

2 hours

(2 guests)

(3 guests)

(4-7 guests)

4 hours

(2 guests)

(3 guests)

(4-7 guests)

What is more in 4-hour tour?
More time to answer open questions, deeper insight and more sites covered, drink (beer or kofola) at authentic local pub.

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