Exploring regional stereotypes in Slovakia

stereotypes in Slovakia

Bratislava as an employment hub for the rest of Slovakia. Simple-minded people living in Záhorie region as a source of sarcastic jokes. Hardworking catholics in the harsh-climate northern Orava region. Hungarians in the south conspiring about regional autonomy while enjoying spicy goulash. Lazy Romas making noise and dirt in their isolated ghettos.

Old grannies speaking weird language and the most beautiful girls in the world (of course) in Eastern Slovakia. Slovakia is so diverse. Creating a regional stereotype makes our lives much easier! Do you feel Slovaks are the most hospitable and friendly nation worldwide? No? We do! You lazy French, snobbish Swiss, capitalist American, drunken Russian! Be aware that we, Slovaks, like to keep prejucides – at national as well as at regional level.

For a Slovak, to travel around Slovak regions means to confront his stereotypes with reality. For foreigner with the lack of information, the stereotype has to be created. Talk and listen to Slovaks – and stereotypes will pop up, no worries. It is pleasure to meet a guy from Ukrainian borderland and considering him to be a smuggler on the spot. More inspiration to be found in the regional mental map provided. Now available on our T-shirts!