communist-era housing

Communist-era housing estates: heritage in revival

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Young American backpackers are walking through a decayed socialist housing estate neighbourhood, horrified by a barking dog with a human hand in its mouth and a lady pouring dirty water out of the fourth floor. Well-known scene from the US-produced comedy Eurotrip depicts Bratislava as a symbol of “Eastern Europe” by a run-down prefabricated housing estate area. The reality is, […]

stereotypes in Slovakia

Exploring regional stereotypes in Slovakia

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Bratislava as an employment hub for the rest of Slovakia. Simple-minded people living in Záhorie region as a source of sarcastic jokes. Hardworking catholics in the harsh-climate northern Orava region. Hungarians in the south conspiring about regional autonomy while enjoying spicy goulash. Lazy Romas making noise and dirt in their isolated ghettos. Old grannies speaking […]

socialist housing

Explore interiors of socialist housing

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Authentic local from Petržalka district, photographer Martin Kleibl, took a closer look to the interiors of his neighbours. Petržalka is the largest socialist housing district in Slovakia, located south of Bratislava city centre across the Danube river. Amazing insight! Martin Kleibl is happy father and photographer, who overcame the anonymity of Petržalka housing district and […]

ruins of a hospital

Amazed by ruins of a hospital

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Searching for the most scary abandoned places in Bratislava, we visited the largest ruin in the city – Rázsochy hospital. Massive project to build all-fit-in hospital has existed since 1980’s, launching the construction in 1987. However, after 1989 the communist regime and its enthusiastic planning collapsed. For two decades, unfinished object serves only as a […]