How to get to Bratislava

Bratislava is easy to reach by car, bicycle, boat, bus, train or plane. Bratislava has a very favourable location in Central Europe. The city has direct borders with Austra and Hungary. Bratislava and Vienna are some of the closest capitals worldwide.

How to get to Bratislava by car

Bratislava has good highway connection with Vienna (80 km, 1 hour), Budapest (200 km, 2 hours) and Prague (330 km, 3 hours). If you plan to use highways in Slovakia, you should buy electronic vignette online (10€ for 10 days or 14€ for 30 days). Google Maps and Waze work well for navigation on Slovak roads. There is a zero 0,00% tolerance for alcohol while driving in Slovakia. Speed limit in Slovakia is normally 50 km/h in cities and villages, 90 km/h on roads out of town and 130 km/h on motorways.

How to get to Bratislava by car

How to reach Bratislava by bicycle

Bratislava is easy to reach by bicycle thanks to developed designated cycle routes along the Danube and Morava rivers. If you are cycling from Vienna (65 km), Gyor (75 km), or Budapest (260 km), follow Eurovelo 6 cycle route. If you travel by bicycle from the Czech republic, follow the Eurovelo 13 Iron Curtain route along the Morava river. Most of the trains in Slovakia take bicycle for additional fee 1,50€ (not depending on the distance).

How to get to Bratislava by bicycle

How to travel to Bratislava by bus

Bratislava has a bus connection with many European cities with Regiojet, Flixbus, Slovak Lines and other bus operators. Journey from Vienna to Bratislava by bus lasts 1,5 hours, from Vienna Airport to Bratislava 1 hour (operated by Regiojet, Flixbus and Slovak Lines). Travel time between Budapest and Bratislava by bus is 2,5-3 hours. From Prague, it is 4-5 hours. Flixbus operates also the route Krakow - Bratislava (6-7 hours). New central bus station in Bratislava is now in construction, temporary bus station nearby is ca 20 minutes walk from the Old Town east direction. Bus is relatively comfortable way of transporation to Bratislava, however for even better comfort and due to risk of traffic jams consider travel by train.

You can find bus connections at Cestovné poriadky (in English and German).

How to get to Bratislava by bus

How to get to Bratislava by train

Travel by train to Bratislava is fast, comfortable and reasonably priced way of travel. Trains from Vienna depart by two different routes every hour (8:16am, 9:16am etc.) to Bratislava central station (Hlavna stanica, and every hour (8:45am, 9:45am etc.) also to Bratislava Petržalka station. From the central railway station, it is 20 minutes walk to the Old Town, or take a bus no. 93 to Zochova bus stop. From Petržalka station, take a bus no. 80, 93 or 94 to Zochova bus stop (10 minutes). For a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava, buy a return ticket as it is cheaper and you can take a bicycle free of charge.

Train from Budapest Nyugati station to Bratislava central station operates every 1-2 hours and journey lasts less than 2,5 hours.

The trip by train from Prague to Bratislava takes 4 hours. You can travel and buy online tickets either with Regiojet or Slovak Railways.

From Krakow to Bratislava, there are two direct connections daily (departure 9:38 and 22:02) and journey lasts 7-8 hours.

You can find train connections at Cestovné poriadky (in English and German).


How to visit Bratislava by boat

If you prefer to enjoy the cruise on Danube river, you can take a Twin City Liner boat from Vienna to Bratislava. It is not cheap, but you see the landscape from different perspective. Journey lasts ca 1,5 hours.


How to reach Bratislava by plane

Bratislava international airport (BTS) has directs flights to many European cities, operated mostly by Ryanair and Wizzair. Bratislava airport is conveniently located only 8 km from the city centre. It is 15 minutes drive by car/taxi, or take a public bus no. 61 connecting aiport with the central railway station (every 15-20 minutes, 25 minutes journey, 0,90€ ticket).

If you plan to visit Bratislava by plane, you can easily fly also to Vienna Airport (VIE), located 45 km from Bratislava. It is only 45 minutes drive by car/taxi or 1 hour journey by bus, frequently operated by Regiojet, Flixbus and Slovak Lines.