Coronavirus updates: virtual tour coming soon!

Dear traveller,

Situation regarding COVID-19 in Slovakia is getting to "new normal". From 1 June 2020, our small team (brothers Brano and Peter) is happy to take you for the tour again! Of course, with some limitations that the new normal brings.

Both a guide and guests have to wear masks during the whole tour. We wave to each other instead of shaking hands. Guests sit only at the back seats. We drive with an opened window, without A/C 🙂 We sanitize the car's interior before and after the tour.

Hope to see you soon. Also, we are working hard on a virtual Bratislava Tour for even safer experience. Stay tuned 🙂

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the availability of our tours in Bratislava, or regarding the travel regulations in Slovaka in general.

Authentic Slovakia team

Keep calm